Tuition Fees

Please note that all studio fees are based on time spent in-studio.

It is not simply a matter of achieving grades or increasing skill level, there is no strict policy of drumming being purely for grades or levels related to examinations.

Payments are made directly to me, Siu Ho Ki, as I am the sole tutor at this studio.  I am available to teach all levels and welcome students of varying skillset.

This studio is not like your ordinary music center, tutoring here is done by me personally and on a one-to-one basis.  Please note all tutorial fees are for the instructors time, not for achieving of grades, levels or sitting examinations.

The purpose of studying the drums is not only for academic reasons, although this could be one of the reasons, the study of drums, to me, is for a greater enjoyment and appreciation of percussion and the rich experience it affords the learner.

Individual class

  • 60min session,HK$360/hr
  • 45min session,HK$340/hr
  • 30min session,HK$320/hr

Learn how to play drums with experienced tutor

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