Drummer’s Studio was founded in 2007. It is a stand-alone teaching studio, manned by a single, dedicated, full-time instructor, myself, Ho Siu Ki. Any communication with regards to lessons or fee structure can expect a direct reply from me.

As the studio is very professionally sound proofed and there are no other instruments being played in the vicinity, you have the added luxury of being able to focus with clarity on your study pieces.

Options for lesson times:

Starting time can be anytime after 10am, any requests for rescheduling or amendment of lesson times will need at least 48 hours prior notice. As the studio is not your standard music center, I am flexible with my time and able to meet most time requirements that students may have due to having other activities or possible jobs they also attend. The flexibility I can offer has worked really well with drumming students from all walks of life.

Method of Instruction:

Depending on student targets and goals, I am capable of tailoring my instructions and technique to meet the demands of said requirements. Basically, I am capable of teaching different styles and techniques, and I keep it engaging by taking on student driven goals, I find this helps keep students motivated.

Teaching materials:

All musical content provided comes from the Musical Institute (MI) and Berklee College of Music. I provide set exercises or tasks for students that are pertaining to the level they are at.

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